Silver Stream

A mini Dipping Lugger,… 2004 22 ft replica of a 1892 Sennen Cove Crabber. Silver Stream is on loan to the Trust and is owned by Glenn and Clare Morris.

The primary aim of her joining our fleet of three, is to help educate and train younger crew members to sail a dipping lugger. We hope this eventually gives them the confidence and experience to take charge of a larger vessel such as Barnabas. As a trust, our primary aim is work to educate and train people in the skills associated with sailing, boat restoration and maintenance, and importantly to share our passion fore sailing these incredible boats with the community.


Silver Stream is a true replica of a Sennen Cove Crabber, built by the Falmouth Marine School in 2004. She was the first of around a dozen replica sailing vessels built. The original Silver Stream was built in 1892 (PZ468) for the Nicholas family in Sennen Cove, just east of Lands End. From here, she fished mainly for crabs and lobsters but reputedly sailed as far as Scilly in good weather. It’s believed she was fished commercially until the 1930s, after which no records exist.

She is built in the traditional fashion of larch planking on sawn and steamed oak frames, fastened with copper and bronze. Spars are of Douglas Fir and the rig follows the original dipping lug design. On completion, she was certified by the MCA, a builder’s certificate giving the official dimensions. She is solid, stable and a very capable sea vessel.


She has an LOD of 22’ 4’’, beam 7’ 8’’ and draft 3’.

What is a Sennen Cove Crabber?

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How did she fish?

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She’s in extremely good condition, having recently had a complete ‘lockdown’ overhaul by her owners in deepest Wales, with some help in the latter stages by several CMT members. She has a 14hp Beta marine engine, but can also be rowed and sculled.

Why have a modern boat?

We see Silver Stream as an opportunity to sail more locally and flexibly out of Newlyn and to gather another community of sailors.

When we’ve not enough crew, we occasionally cancel sails on Barnabas, and lose the opportunity to sail. Then there’s the constraint of tides in the old harbour, as Barnabas draws around 6ft. SS offers more flexible sailing options as she only draws 3ft and can be crewed by two. We’ve also sailed her with seven. Occasionally, Barnabas is oversubscribed, so SS would be the perfect spill over vessel.

We also have a twin-axle trailer for SS, so she can be towed to other sailing grounds and festivals, ie Looe Luggers, Plymouth, Brixham, Douarnenez etc. If the weather allows, it would be nice to sail her round the Lizard to Falmouth Classics!

The Educational Hope

Our plan is to get kids (and adults!) captivated and passionate about Silver Stream, by planting the seed and getting them involved in safe, fun mini sailing adventures and rowing or sculling in her. We believe SS will assist in attracting an additional self-generating group of younger sailing members and their families.

Though membership income is really important, we really want to sow the seed of adventure in our youth to sail, learn and ultimately skipper a vessel that mirrors on a smaller scale the rig of Barnabas and the other large dipping luggers. Once competent and confident, Silver Stream skippers could step up to skippering Barnabas (or other traditional vessels). In order to survive, traditional wooden boats need to inspire the next generation of people to sail them and look after them. We’re trying to think to the future.

A Community of Members

Being a lugger originally from Sennen, SS is an exciting newsworthy story to help regenerate interest amongst our members, local community and press. Our hope is that the trust continues to offer affordable and educational sailing to all, and operates like a community who know each other. Naturally, folks are going to spend more time on vessels logistically closest to their homes or who they connect with. However, the broad communication appeal is that everyone, always, has the opportunity to sail any boat at an affordable price. And help scrub them out! With four different boats, all traditional and all historically playing an integral role in helping shape Cornwall’s fishing industry, we can help preserve a tiny portion of it.

The Figures

Sailing fees for SS will be set in the region of £10 for a day sail and £5 for an evening sail. This is a work in progress, but kids are free and donations will be extremely welcome. To continue her custodianship in the CMT, SS needs to cover her harbour dues, winter storage, insurance and basic maintenance upkeep – approximately £1000 a year.

Sponsorship opportunity

This is one serious option to consider. If an individual or company was to sponsor SS for a year, therefore covering her essential costs, this would allow our focus to be primarily on the education of new younger lugger skippers. And importantly, some not so young! There are several boys and girls who have already stepped up to the challenge. This sponsorship could be an incredible gift, to help kids with leadership, well-being, responsibility, motivation, communication etc… all through maritime education.

The Owners / CMT Relationship

We are in a wonderful situation where Glenn and Clare Morris have ‘loaned’ us their beautiful vessel for free. They are a special pair, who we hope will be sailing regularly with us in the seasons ahead. The CMT has an operational and responsibility contract in place with Glenn and Clare, based on an initial two year pilot programme. The underlying goal is that she’s sailed, cherished and maintained, but importantly, builds up a passionate new sailing community around her that covers her costs.


Join the Trust

By becoming a member of the Cornish Maritime Trust, you will be helping to preserve Cornwall’s extraordinary maritime heritage. Joining the Trust will also give you many benefits: the opportunity to sail on our boats, the chance to develop skills of sailing and maintenance, the chance to contribute your own skills, and membership of a diverse community of people.

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